Beach Towel Throw Pillows

I’ve been wanting to make some new throw pillows for my couch for awhile, but couldn’t find fabric that struck me just right. Then I walked by a teal-and-white zebra striped beach towel on a clearance rack and realized its new purpose in life! These pillows were probably one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done, but very fun. The terrycloth was easy to sew on and since each pillow required just two straight seams, it was simple to use a fat version of French seams so that the covers won’t fray. Love them!

Couch with pillows

I used 16″x16″ pillow forms and cut pieces of the towel that were about 19″ long by the original width of the beach towel. This allowed me to use the sewn finish on the edges of the towel for the opening on the back of the pillows, and was a good fit.


Back opening

The backs of the pillows are completely covered, but I made sure to leave enough of an opening to take the pillow forms out so that I can wash the covers if needed.

Materials: 1 beach towel, 2 pillow forms, thread
Project Status: Smashing success
Changes for the Future: Zero

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