GPS Case

I think I forgot I was trying to start a blog. ANYWAY…

I made this GPS case to house my beloved Garmin. It’s cotton on the outside, cotton on the inside (old sheet for lining), and nothing in the middle. When I make another for a family member, I might use batting or fleece between the layers of cotton for a little padding. Really though, it works fine without. I thought I might need to make some tweaks to the original one-piece pattern that I drew in sharpie on an old Taco Bell ad, but it fits perfectly and a couple inches of Velcro hold it shut securely.



Project Status: Success
Changes for the Future: Add a layer of padding (?); Switch the positions of the hook tape and loop tape – my machine sews flawlessly through loop tape and bumpily through hook tape. I put the wrong one on the visible front flap.

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One Response to GPS Case

  1. snowflakes says:

    Wow, great project!!! I wish I know sewing.

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